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Ganondorf (called Ganondorf Dragmire in the early English versions) is the primary antagonist in The Legend of Zelda series of video games, in which he either appears under his humanoid form or his mightier transformation, sometimes under both. He is the king of the mostly-female thieves known as the Gerudos, the reincarnation and successor of Demise as the King of Evil of the Zelda world, and the holder of the Triforce of Power.

Ganondorf constantly tries to steal the other two Triforce pieces, Wisdom and Courage, to obtain the power of the Golden Goddesses and make the world his own, and is locked in permanent conflict with the main protagonists Link and Princess Zelda throughout history.


April A-Z Challenge: Villian B…



(From Mario)


Bowser, sometimes known as King Koopa, is the main
antagonist of the Mario series and the King of the Koopa. He has repeatedly
kidnapped or attempted to kidnap Princess Peach and take over the Mushroom
Kingdom. He has on other occasions attempted to conquer the entire Mushroom
World, as well as the entire universe. Despite his villainous nature, he has
occasionally helped the heroes of the Mushroom Kingdom against common threats
and participates with them in their numerous sporting events in spin-off games.
Since his debut, Bowser has been in nearly every Mario game,
including the main series, spin-offs, and crossovers. Due to his role as the
primary villain of the Mario series, he is mostly the final or penultimate boss
in his appearances, if not as the main antagonist (an example being Mario and
Luigi: Superstar Saga). In the Mario RPGs, Bowser is generally cast as an
antihero or a minor villain, with the exception of Paper Mario, Paper Mario:
Sticker Star, and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.\