April A-Z Challenge: Villain F…






Fontaine was a master con artist who was so good at his job that he could even impersonate a “chinaman” for as long as two weeks. He arrived in Andrew Ryan’s city of Rapture sometime in 1948 and founded Fointaine Fisheries. However, Fontaine used it as a front for smuggling and selling contraband items from the surface. He grew rich from these practices, and they led him to a new line of business. One of his smugglers discovered a sea slug which regenerated tissue. This caught the attention of a scientist in Rapture named Brigid Tennenbaum, who asked Fointaine to fund her study of the slug. Along with Dr. Yi Suchong, they founded Fontaine Futuristics, which eventually discovered how to reproduce and refine the healing properties of the slug, which became known as ADAM and made the plasmid and gene tonic industries possible. Looking for a way to produce ADAM more quickly, Fontaine opened the Little Sister’s Orphanage, where little girls were experimented on and turned into the ADAM producing Little Sisters. Having gained economic dominance in Rapture, Fontaine sought ultimate control. He opened Fotaine’s Home for the Poor, and sought to build an army from the masses of people that were victimized by Ryan’s free market policies.

On September 12, 1958, Fontaine apparently died in a shootout with Ryan’s men, sealing himself the status of a martyr to those who did not know his true nature. In reality he faked his death, hoping to stir up discontent among the lower classes and give Ryan the false hope that his nemesis was dead. He reemerged as Atlas, a fisherman, proletariat hero and family man. His original voice remained, covered for with a heavy Irish accent. He then charismatically charmed the mob as a humble freedom fighter, while setting the stage for the Civil War which would tear Rapture apart. Originally hoping for victory in this genetic arms race, “Atlas” soon found himself trapped in Rapture, with Ryan in control of the bathyspheres and the Splicers through his pheromone systems. With no other way out, “Atlas” activated his sleeper agent, Jack.

When Jack finally reaches Fontaine, he has already spliced himself into a hulking, statuesque monster with three different major Plasmid elements. During the battle, Jack extracts the ADAM out of him with a Little Sister’s needle until finally, he is weakened enough that he is ambushed and killed by a swarm of Little Sisters who stab Fontaine multiple times with their needles, draining him of the remaining ADAM in his body.

In his death, Fontaine illustrates Brigid Tenenbaum’s realization that excessive ADAM use forces the body into dependency. The ambiguous expression “Keep back the tide” is shown to mean a not only mental but physical degeneration when the body’s dependency is denied. Without ADAM, Fontaine’s enhanced body simply could not survive.


Z is for Zelda

Zelda is one of those games everyone has played. At least some point. Some people still don’t know Zelda is the princess and Link is the person you play but let them live in their nongamer lives.
Link has changed over the years and below are some awesome things you can have to show your love for one of if not the greatest game ever made.
Special 3DS Console
Wall pieces
Crochet Bomb Bag
Bed Cover
A key hook
Those plastic melt things art
Toddler Crochet outfit
Cooking Apron
Cake Topper
Mouse Pad

X is for Xbox

You can’t have video games without having something to play them on. So this is for all my Microsoft Xbox lovers. Show off your love with some of these neat things
Wall decor for Xbox (and PlayStation)
Xbox Pinata
Xbox Cake topper….oh yeah the bride won!
Xbox White console Christmas ornament
Xbox controller table.

W is for World of Warcraft

This is a game you either love or you hate there is no in between.
Horde Purse
Draenei Crochet Doll
For the Horde/ For the Alliance pictures
For the Horde Ring
For the Horde Rug
Crochet doll
Hearth Stone’s made from clay

P is for Pac Man

If you haven’t played Pac-Man you must live under a rock. Pac-Man is an arcade game developed by Namco and licensed for distribution in the United States by Midway, in October 1980. October will be Pac-Mans 33 birthday. Happy Very Early Birthday Pac-Man


Lets bring the loveable yellow munching man and his ghostly friends into our own homes.
Wall Mural and Throw Pillow
Ghost Shelf
Pac-Man Shelf

Classics are still my favorite games

The allure of classic games still continues to grow stronger with every passing generation to the next. And no I’m not talking about a new copy of the game. Each generation likes the ORIGINAL version of the classic game in question. Such as Zelda, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Mario Brothers, and more.
No the graphics are not amazing for all you that question that before you buy a game. However, they are harder then a lot of current games, and there is NO LAG. They don’t have to put a million things going on at one time to pull you in. It happens on its own. There are no cheat codes, though you can get a whistle in level 3 of Mario if you know the trick and in the castle.
Captivating is what Zelda has done from day one. The Legend of Zelda has grown over the years coming out with multiple games for the multiple Nintendo systems. However I find that everyone still enjoys the Original Zelda. There was no map to find that you could look and see where you was going. There was no sign or clue to what castle was what until you were in it. You had to find special things on your own and had to explore all the rooms in order to get to the next level. And IT WAS HARD!!! Simple yet you can play for hours.
Enjoy as the age of Video Games advance and alter their designs but don’t forget what started it all and just how amazing it was to sit for hours in front of the tv and play them. Because to some of us that tend to spend most of our lives with a controller in our hands…. these classics continue to have the same amazing and alluring fascination from the day they hit the shelves.

Starting a Year ahead of Schedule!!!!

Okay so I found this picture on the internet and I immediately thought about the A-Z Challenge I just recently finished in April. Next year I already have my topic and will probably go ahead and schedule the post. That gives me over a year to have time to edit rewrite or add content to each post. Anyway I am going to do Games in Real Life.
Just so you can more understand what I am talking about here is some examples you will be seeing next April.



Can’t wait for April!!!!!