April A-Z Challenge: Villain C…




(Minecraft Pc & Xbox)

Creepers are common hostile mobs that use a suicide-style
attack: They approach players and then explode, causing massive damage to
players, entities, and blocks within a short radius.
Creepers spawn in the overworld at night, and in locations
with a light level of 7 or less, just like most other hostile mobs. However,
unlike Zombies and Skeletons, Creepers will not catch fire in sunlight, and
those spawned in darkness will continue to roam in daylight until they perform
an attack, are killed, or despawn.
Creepers are especially dangerous due to their near-silent
approach, save for light footsteps and an occasional rustling noise. A Creeper
will warn the player moments before it explodes with an infamous burning fuse
noise. If the player can manage to move far enough within about one second of
this noise, the explosion will be canceled, and the creeper will attempt to
approach again.
Creepers run from cats and ocelots, and will ignore the
player to run away when a feline is too close. As cats can be acquired and
controlled by the player, this provides an important avenue of defense from
Creeper attacks.
Creepers have become notorious and infamous among Minecraft
players for their infuriating habit of sneaking up on the Player to inflict
devastating damage following an all-too-short warning sound. They have arguably
become the most recognizable image from Minecraft, as well as the game’s
unofficial mascot.

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